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For over 33 years in the Tri-State Region. We proudly serve over 40 unique communities with Real Estate in Litchfield County, Berkshire County, & Dutchess & Columbia County‘s beautiful Hudson Valley Region.
Below you can review all of our wonderful agents from our five regional offices.

“The perfect home at a great price and a new friend for life.”

Elyse Harney

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Elyse Harney, a seasoned professional who has gained the respect of satisfied clients, colleagues, and competitors, is the heart of…

Office: (860) 435-2200 x 101

Elyse Harney Morris

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Elyse Harney Morris, Principal Broker & Co-Owner with her mother Elyse Harney, brings energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to Elyse

(860) 318-5126
Office: (860) 435-2200x102

Juliet Moore

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Recipient of Five Star Agent Award 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Juliet W. Moore began her professional life in NYC…

(860) 480-0546
Office: (860) 435-2200, Ext. 112

Thomas M. Callahan

Licensed in: Connecticut

Tom’s distinctive and refreshing approach to real estate focuses on the needs and desires of his clients over all else.…

(860) 671-9901
Office: 860-435-2200 Ext 108

Liza Reiss

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York

Liza Reiss started her successful Broadcasting Sales career 25 years ago in Montreal. Once she moved to the United States…

Office: 860-435-2200 ext. 110

Thomas McGowan

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Thomas McGowan is retired from Screen Actors Guild, although he continues to make guest appearances in Film and Television on…

Office: 860-542-5500 Ext 1

Arleen Shepley

Licensed in: New York

Life long resident of Dutchess County, New York. Arleen joined Elyse Harney Real Estate in 2004 after working in the…

Office: (518) 789-8800, Ext. 251

John Panzer

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

John Panzer joined Elyse Harney Real Estate in 2007, bringing with him extensive experience in the building and real estate…

(860) 248-9537
Office: 860-435-2200 X 111

Carol A. Staats

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Carol comes to Elyse Harney Real Estate with a vast knowledge of the real estate market. Carol has lived in…

Office: 860-824-0027

Bill Melnick

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Bill combines a passion for real estate with his 28 years of experience as a merchandising executive at Ralph Lauren…

Office: 860-435-2200 x 107

Kathleen Devaney

Licensed in: Connecticut, Massachusetts

Kathleen is a full-time resident of Salisbury, CT. She has an extensive background in sales and marketing with the Ritz-Carlton…

(617) 438-6887
Office: (860) 435-2200x106

Dave Taylor

Licensed in: Connecticut, Massachusetts

With 27 years as a Realtor in Litchfield County and with Elyse Harney Real Estate since the opening of the…

Office: 860-824-4384

Roberta Green

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Roberta is a Salisbury native and has lived in the Northwest Corner with a vast knowledge of the Tri-State Region…

Office: 860-824-0027

Holly Leibrock

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York

Holly’s lifelong love of real estate began as a child when she would help her parents with home renovations. She…

(860) 248-0117
Office: (860) 435-2200 x 113

Colleen Vigeant

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York

Colleen Vigeant is a Litchfield County native with roots in Falls Village, CT.  She brings a comprehensive approach to real…

(860) 480-8033
Office: 860-435-2200

Mimi Ramos

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York

Mimi Ramos comes to Elyse Harney Real Estate with 12 years of  sales and design experience and six years owning…

(917) 225-2837

Lorie Kupetz

Associate Broker
Licensed in: New York

Lorie comes to Elyse Harney Real Estate as an Associate Broker with over 20 years’ experience in the Hudson Valley…

Office: 518-789-8800

Tracy Macgowan

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Tracy has been in real estate for the last 15 years. She began as an assistant and office manager learning…

Office: 860-435-2200

Jusztina Paksai

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York

Originally from Hungary, Jusztina moved to the United States to fully immerse herself into real estate.  Jusztina has a graduate…

Office: 860-435-2200

Mark Telford

Licensed in: Connecticut

Mark’s affiliation with the Harney’s began when he was studying Hotel and Resort management in college and working summers for…

Office: 860-738-1200

Robert Russo

Licensed in: New York

A long time resident of New York City and Dutchess County, Bob Russo joined the Millerton office of Elyse Harney…

Office: 518-789-8800, ext. 206

Jonathan Scarinzi

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York

Jonathan has a contagious enthusiasm and an ability to make you feel as if you’ve known him for years after…

Office: 518-789-8800

Rick Meehan

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

I have been an active real estate agent since 2004 I have experience in the local real estate field (CT,…

Office: 518-789-8800

Scott Morris

Broker, Business Manager
Licensed in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

A graduate of Cornell University, Scott joined the firm in November 2005. Previously Scott was the General Manager of Sunriver…

(860) 466-9376
Office: (860) 435-2200 ext. 105

Cathy Franklin Team

Licensed in: Connecticut, New York

Cathy Franklin is a 28-year real estate veteran and one of the top real estate brokers in the country. Primarily…

(917) 863-8209

"Their knowledge of the area is thorough and their advice invaluable.
Plus, they’re a lot of fun to hang out with!"

Viv LaBerge – Financial Administrator
A native of Burlington, VT, Viv spent almost 4 years in Namibia, Africa as a teacher with the U. S. Peace Corps and then as a Community Liaison, helping to establish a Communal Conservancy in an area where she had elephants roaming through her yard. Upon her return in 1998, she settled in southwestern Massachusetts. In 2002 she moved down to Canaan, CT, where she continues to live with her two children, Emily and Elias. An at-home-Mom for many years, Viv went back to work full-time in 2010, managing the Accounting Department for Elyse Harney Real Estate.
Contact Info: 860-435-2200 x 109 vlaberge@harneyre.com

Maryellen Morey – Financial Administrator
Maryellen has spent most of her life in Northwestern Connecticut where she resides with her husband and four children. She spent twelve years driving a school bus before joining the accounting team at Elyse Harney Real Estate. Maryellen has been studying computer programing in different aspects for over two decades. She spends weekends with her family doing a wide range of activities including hiking, biking, and crafts. Maryellen loves learning new things and finds joy in the challenges of her current position. Every day she wakes up feeling blessed to have a job she enjoys with people she admires, returning home to a place equally as pleasant. Contact Info: accounting@harneyre.com

Crystal Snyder – Administrative Assistant
Crystal Snyder is the backbone of our support team – loading new listings on HarneyRE.com, MLSs, and third-party sites for our growing team of real estate agents.  One of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, her smiles and friendly demeanor maintain balance in our busy office while she juggles the many different tasks that are thrown her way.  Crystal even manages to keep us all eating well with her gourmet salads & smoothies AND is always up for a good laugh!

A Dutchess County native, Crystal proudly purchased her first home through Elyse Harney Real Estate and loves living and working in the Millerton/Salisbury area.  She is actively involved in coaching youth basketball and loves the many opportunities that are offered to children in our communities.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her son and many nieces and nephew.  The Hudson Valley is truly “home” for Crystal – a place where she lives, works, and recharges – she’s even a regular at The Mount Washington House’s karaoke night.
Contact Info:  860-435-2200 csnyder@harneyre.com

Gabby Morales – Administrative Assistant in the Salisbury Office
Gabby joined Elyse Harney Real Estate in 2018 when her enthusiasm and sparkle at her previous job caught our eye and seemed like a wonderful fit for our busy office.  Her energy and drive quickly helped her to learn the ropes here in supporting our nearly 30 agents and 5 offices with all of the behind the scenes office support. She is an integral part of the team and there is no challenge she can’t conquer! In addition to her vast knowledge of nearly everything and “can-do” attitude. It’s Gabby’s contagious smile and charismatic wit that wins us all over, even in the grind of the busiest of seasons.
Contact Info: 860-435-2200 x 115   gmorales@harneyre.com

Celia McGowan – Administrative Assistant in the Norfolk Office
Celia attended the University of Iowa and worked in the film industry in Los Angeles (living in Malibu) and New York in a variety of positions. When asked which she likes better Malibu or Norfolk Ct—she says “Norfolk” hands down. She has been involved in Real Estate with her husband Thomas for over 40 years. Being involved includes buying and selling Real Estate along with the restoration of historic homes. She is familiar with virtually all aspect of real estate. She lives and works in Norfolk, Ct with her husband of 47 years, having children and grandchildren nearby always makes life an adventure.
Contact Info: 860-542-5500 cell: 860-309-9108 celia@harneyre.com

Our Best Friends - The Mascots

Clarence Harney
In the days following the death of Elyse Harney’s best friend and husband of 61 years, Elyse Harney stayed with her daughter’s family in Lakeville.  Late one evening, a Dachshund scratched at the door asking to come in.  It took two days for the family to learn that the dog had traveled from her home almost a mile away, apparently just to snuggle up with Elyse and offer her comfort. 

After helping the dog back to her home, family members reached out to a rescue shelter to discover another Dachshund – this time male – needing a home.  A shelter representative brought the dog to meet Elyse and it was love at first sight!  She promptly decided to name him Clarence after the angel in It’s A Wonderful Life because she believed Papa John had sent him to bring her solace and ease her loneliness.  The love goes both ways and the happy little dance Clarence performs when Elyse returns after being away would make you laugh with his contagious, unbridled joy.

These days, to see Elyse without Clarence is a rare sight and – despite his small stature – he takes his responsibilities as her guardian very seriously.  If Elyse is at her desk, you can be certain Clarence is nearby, ready to defend his beloved Mistress from any and all dangers that might present themselves, (or simply to make certain she knows someone is entering the building!)

Cloe Moore, born in February 2016……she has been a sweetheart all her life.
Very affectionate – loves to hug certain people and put her paw around smaller animals. Loves to cuddle her mom all night. Brings to her mom…baby bunnies (unharmed). Loves to run around the yard with a shoe in her mouth – only chews up the most expensive ones or the most special (like her mom’s friend’s shoes on the day of her daughter’s wedding).

Loves to dig holes – very, very deep holes. Follows her mom everywhere in the house and puts her paw or her head on her foot every time mom stops for even a moment. Can run extremely fast – can nearly outrun a deer. Once she learns something, she’s got it down.
Loves to make everyone happy.

Cooper Morris,  the Spirit of Logan
In the photo with his 2 best friends, Brittany and John Morris.
Cooper was born on August 12, 2016, to a great Golden Retriever family not too far away in Boston Corners, NY.  All his brothers and sisters had great personalities, but in the end, Cooper chose us as his longtime companions. Cooper is a terrific dog, friendly to all who comes his way.  He comes to work every day to our Salisbury office, hanging out with his other canine companions,  and hanging out with anyone who will give him attention and treats. Cooper is a 2 ball retriever; do not throw just 1 ball, he only responds to 2, that stack up neatly in his mouth. He prefers the lake for ball retrieval but enjoys the big backyard for ground ball recovery. He is a wonderful dog and best friend.  After losing our other best friend, Logan, Cooper has filled the void of canine companionship with the Morris family.