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Dachshund Rescue and Pet Services

Clarence, a 6 year old, 13 lb Dachshund rescue, has found his way into the arms and family of Elyse Harney.

DRPS is a family run rescue located in Killingworth, Connecticut. Since 2002 we have rehomed over 200 dogs, all of which have lived with us in our home. We also offer boarding and help with any Dachshund specific behavior and medical issues.


How are Rescue Started

In the fall of 2001 Anne was conducting training for invisible fence for an elderly, nervous Dachshund in a small yard with an elderly owner. As only one training had been purchased and the dog was very nervous, Anne offered to continue to train the dog on her own time. Anne became friends with the owner who asked Anne to keep an eye out for another mini Dachshund.
A few months later Anne heard about a Dachshund at the Newington Humane Society and went up to meet him. Among rows of pitbulls Anne finally arrived at the cage containing a tiny red Dachshund in a pink sweater. He was approximately 9 months old and due to our lack of knowledge about Dachshunds at the time, we thought he would be a standard (which the owner did not want). How could we say no to this little guy, so our whole family (3 labs, husband Roger and daughter Eliot) went to meet him. Needless to say we adopted him. It turns out he’s only 14lbs but would have been too much for the elderly woman and her elderly Dachshund to handle; her Dachshund passed away a few years later at age 22.
The first thing Roger said when he saw this tiny long dog with the pink knit sweater was “That’s the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen”; days later Woody had been named by Roger and did not leave his side. Roger takes Woody with him everywhere he goes when possible, and Woody is constantly with Roger, helping out in the woodshop- as do many of our other adoptees.
We grew to love our Woody so much we began to look for more available Dachshunds. In April 2002 a litter of puppies were brought to our attention, so we put a silver dapple on hold since the black and tan we originally wanted was spoken for. Well, when we went to pick up the 8 week old silver dapple puppy, the black and tan was available, so of course we took them both.

After days of being unable to decide on names for the puppies, one day Anne while driving around with the puppies in the back of the car, picked up some herbs and…Basil and Dill were decided on. A few months later, our third Dachshund, Blue, came to live with us. He also came from the Newington Humane Society where he had been abandoned in the road outside the humane society absolutely emaciated; he is now a Delta Therapy Dog with Anne. And so begins our journey …..
The rescue began initially as a way to give a home to Dachshunds who were misplaced. However as word spread, people began to say things like, “Oh you have a Dachshund you need to rehome? Anne Jordan will take it”; and so the rescue began.
We kept a few more after that- Coco, who Anne rescued from being hit by a car running across the street in Middletown- when she found his owners they said they didnt have the time for him and he spent most of his time in a crate in the basement and she could take him. He was 4 years old but is quirky and will bite in certain circumstances, and also has epilepsy, so we kept him.
We were called about Max by a woman who fosters dogs and said she would have to euthanize him if we could not take him because he was aggressive. Anne and Roger arrived at the woman’s home and were told not to look at 5 year old mini Max. They sat down with the woman and within minutes Max was on Roger’s lap. Max is unadoptable due to his quirks- ie he feels he must nip your ankles and act aggressively if you look at him before he knows you, but in actuality he is a very happy and loveable guy.;

Nipper came to us because his owner passed away, and though he was highly placeable, he was also just too loveable and we had to keep him.
Mojo and Hercules were both kept for selfish reasons as well- both about 2 years old when we got them months apart because “Why should we only have to keep the biters?”
Daphne came to us as a Standard Dachshund mix at 9 months old- she had been thrown off a truck by some guys in Texas and was adopted to someone in Connecticut as a Dachshund, when she arrived it was clear she was not so she was sent to us. Daphne has extreme fear of men due to her early trauma, can be aggressive towards weak or threatening dogs due to having to survive on the street at a young age, and has a lot of energy to burn- we think she is part manchester terrier. She did an agility class with Anne this year and loved it!;
Ferdie came to us with IO (who was adopted and renamed Sasha- she was taken by a coyote a few years ago), he is also quirky and will bite if handled a certain way due to soreness, and perhaps just his personality, so he was also unadoptable.
Sammy was at a vet’s office and they called us because the owner wanted to put him down at just 3 years old because he had been paralyzed, had a successful surgery, and then they did not crate rest him as they were instructed and allowed their standard Dachshund to play with him, and the dog reparalyzed Sammy. He is the happiest 6lb little guy who can run around (though his back legs wipe out occasionally) and an excellent spinal walker.
Wirehairs Gus and Elmo are both selfish keepers.