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Tri-State “Waterfalling”


The varying terrain throughout the Berkshire Mountains, Litchfield Hills, and Oblong Valley is decorated by a plethora of waterfalls.  Dramatic forces of nature that demand attention yet simultaneously calm our senses with their sound, cool misty air, and turbulently churning pools of oxygenated water.

Waterfalls are alive with energy; each having its own distinct personality.  Many local waterfalls are accompanied by folk tales or legends that explain their reputations – some soft and gradual, others more severe – each one a unique expression of natural strength and beauty.

“Waterfalling” has recently become a popular pastime.  Channel your path through the Berkshire Mountains and explore some of the Tri-state region’s most impressive natural forces:
Bash Bish Falls (situated on the border of Mt. Washington, MA & Copake Falls, NY)
Great Falls (Falls Village, CT)
Umpachene Falls (New Marlborough, MA)

Advice from a Waterfall:
Go with the Flow.
Roar with Excitement.
Let your cares fall away.
Create your own music.
Immerse Yourself in Nature.
Stay active.
Make a splash.
-Ilan Shamir