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Equinox: “Equal-Night”

Spring has sprung!  Spring Equinox, with its Latin origins meaning “equal-night”, is a turning point in the solar battle of darkness & light. The first day of spring is a day where darkness and light are in perfect equilibrium, then followed by days of increased light that will warm our earth with renewed energy and life.

The Litchfield Hills offer a lifestyle that allows for year-round outdoor activity.  With four distinct seasons we often find ourselves eagerly awaiting the arrival of change.  The changing of seasons is a time when the weather is a bit unpredictable and there is heightened appreciation of what lies ahead.  Fresh glimpses of beauty have begun to decorate the Hudson Valley region as flower buds creep up from thawing soil, local farms welcome new life, animals have begun to wander out of their winter hibernation, and our villages are alive with pedestrians just soaking up the sunshine.

The Spring Fringe Season is the ideal time to plan a garden that will provide food and enjoyment in the months that lie ahead.  Germinating seeds throughout the coming weeks will soon grow hearty plants when planted in the rich Berkshire soil.



The Tri-State area is home to numerous Garden Centers and knowledgeable experts that can help you to create a garden that is rich with nourishment as well as a wholesome experience extending far beyond its produce.

Freund’s Farm (East Canaan, CT)
*photo featured to the right

Salisbury Garden Center (Salisbury, CT)

Ward’s Nursery (Great Barrington, MA)

Millerton Nursery & Garden Shop (Millerton, NY)