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Stingy Jack

turnip lanternLavish extravagance, limitless creativity, happenstantial interactions  – Halloween is the perfect holiday.  A jovial celebration of ingenuity… and “Stingy Jack.”

Halloween is one of the oldest celebrated holidays in the world.  It began as an Irish custom to welcome the energies of deceased ancestors while also warding off evil spirits who may be looming in the shadows. The most popular evil spirit was that of “Stingy Jack.”   Stingy Jack was a prankster who had a reputation for outwitting the Devil.  Upon his death, the Devil would not claim Jack’s mischievous soul, leaving Jack to forever wander the earth.  Celtic legend says that Jack’s spirit lurks in the night, where he has been seen carrying a carved-turnip lantern that is illuminated by a single burning coal.  To keep Jack’s spirit at bay, the Irish would disguise themselves on Hallow’s Eve and carve pumpkins, Jack-o-Lanterns, in a collaborative effort to ward off the evil wit of Stingy Jack.

Clothes make a statement, costumes tell a story. -Mason Cooley

Today, the spirit of Halloween in America extends far beyond its Celtic roots yet remains a community-wide celebration.  Although adults remain creatively trumped by children in costume originality, with a witch being the most popular adult costume for the 11th year in a row, Halloween is equally enjoyed by all.  In fact, 12.9 percent of Americans will even dress-up their pet on Halloween!  It’s also true that 42.7 percent of Americans have reported that they eat the white segment of candy corn first!  The act of candy corn data collection speaks to our nationwide love of Halloween… and Stingy Jack.

Join the imaginative spirits this Halloween by meandering the moonlit streets that unite our communities.

EHRE Guide to Tri-State Trick-or-Treating:

Millerton, NY – The center of Millerton and its surrounding homes are a great hub for trick-or-treating.
Click the following links for specific event information: Northeast-Millerton Library’s Halloween Night Celebration
Sharon, CT – The Sharon Green in the center of town is patrolled by volunteers for safety and is full of excitement on Halloween night.

Salisbury/Lakeville, CT
– The maze of side streets off of Routes 44/41 in Lakeville provide a maze of sweet fun.
Falls Village, CT – The Hunt Library on Main Street in Falls Village hosts a wonderful Open House that is also central to great in-town trick-or-treating.
Click the following link for specific event information:  Halloween Open House at the Hunt Library
Canaan, CT – North Canaan Elementary School is situated amongst quaint side streets that are perfect for trick-or-treating fun.
Norfolk, CT – Maple Avenue in Norfolk is shut down from its entrance off Route 44 near the Norfolk Library all the way to Lover’s Lane, creating a block party of Halloween fun.
Click the following link for specific event information: Infinity Hall’s Halloween Party
Sheffield, MA – Sheffield is packed with Halloween fun on Friday night with back-to-back events beginning at 3:00 PM!
Click the following links for specific event information: Spirit Fest sponsored by Sheffield’s Historical Society
Great Barrington, MA – The center of town and its many houses is a wonderful place for door-to-door trick-or-treating.
Click the following link for specific event information: Halloween in Great Barrington