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Sheffield, MA | Berkshire County

sheffield-maSheffield’s laid-back vivacity mirrors its rural charm and designation as the Berkshire’s Farm & Antique capitol.  Situated between Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills and the bustling town of Great Barrington, Sheffield’s phlegmatic nature is beautifully influenced by cultural flair and historic charm.

A small town center that lies between the steep Berkshire Mountain Range and the Housatonic Valley’s agricultural flood plains supports the needs of the community through several locally-owned businesses – including an abundance of farm stands that decorate its scenic country roads.  Sheffield’s Marketplace Kitchen attracts a steady crowd and is the perfect place to sip specialty coffee and enjoy delicious food while relaxing amidst the lax town vibe.

Sheffield’s prominent Mount Everett peak that lies along the Appalachian trail, paired with its meandering Housatonic River, surplus of antiquities, vast agricultural network and historic prestige accurately represent the strong yet laid-back and resiliently self-reliant nature of the entire town.  Be it a climb up Mount Everett or a float down the Housy, Sheffield is a community deeply rooted in the philosophy – work hard, play harder.

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