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Leaving Home but Not the Folks

leaving homeRecently Elyse Harney Morris was interviewed by the New York Times regarding our community’s booming growth in real estate sales & rentals which is driven by families of boarding school students.  We have been servicing the needs of the boarding school community for many years due to our picturesque location, friendly communities and close proximity to several campuses.  This has proven to be a mutually beneficial relationship and become a wonderful attribute to the entire area.

The tri-state region is bounding with options for tremendous private-school education!   Be it elementary or high-school, day or boarding, there is something for everyone!  In addition to the many obvious benefits that come from strong educational systems in the area, both public and private, a secondary benefit of equal importance is the incredible diversity that these schools infiltrate into our community.

Click below to read the full New York Times article, “Leaving Home but Not the Folks” by Penelope Green, to learn more about the changing culture of private school education and the many positive impacts that it has upon our local climate.

Leaving Home-but Not the Folks