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The Leaf of Awareness

“Tea is the leaf of awareness.” (James Norwood Pratt)

There are few things in life more comforting than a hot cup of tea. Recently, with the changing temperatures, we have been given many days that welcome a cup of tea, or even two.

Not only does tea help to keep us warm, but it also feeds the soul and is a proven stress reducer. Research has found that in addition to the physical calming properties of tea leaves, the process of making tea also contributes to the tranquility.  Boiling water, waiting as it steeps, and preparing for the perfect cup requires us to pause, breathe, and connect.  Each pot of tea creates its own story; the process is neither hasty nor rushed, rather a deliberate respite.

Much like tea, The Litchfield Hills are a deliberate respite for those who seek tranquility and an awakening of the senses. With more typical autumn temperatures setting in, it is a great time to stop by EHRE, where we will happily pause for a moment to connect over a warm cup of tea.

Recommended Read: The Soul & Spirit of Tea, edited by Phil Cousineau & Scott Chamberlin Hoyt with a foreword by James Norwood Pratt.  This book features a compilation of “21 Tea-Inspired Essays for the Early Twenty First Century” and is great accompaniment to any hot cup of tea.