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Essential Oils

Bright rays of sunshine warm the spirit even on the coldest of winter days.  Cooler skies, however, aren’t the only factor that contributes to a natural lull in winter energy.  The human mind craves stimulus.  Whether cognitive, creative or physical, our spirit is most at peace when fully nurtured.  With the lush Berkshire Mountains radiating winter beauty despite their dormancy, it is easy to overlook winter’s aromatic void.

Smell is the oldest of all human senses, with rudimentary origins that can be found in even the simplest of ancient bacteria.  While vision relies upon only 4 unchanging sight receptors, smell is far more complex and culminates over 1,000 smell-type receptors that regenerate and adapt to accommodate differing stimuli.  The complexity in which our brains process and store smells is directly linked to how deeply affected we are by memories associated with distinct odors – even when descriptive words are lacking, scents are deeply etched into one’s memory.  Have you ever smelt something that brought you back to your childhood toy chest?  Or perhaps the indescribable scent of your Grandmother’s purse?  What exactly is the smell of spring?

Because the human spirit never lies dormant, essential oils could provide the ideal mid-winter surprise for your sense of smell.  Fight fatigues with rosemary, ginger or basil.  Alleviate Irritability with chamomile, lavender or rose.  Permeate positivity with frankincense, jasmine or sandalwood.  …Or perhaps experiment and learn more about the natural healing properties of several essential oils and stimulate your cognitive quest as well.

The Litchfield Hills generously lend themselves to an active winter lifestyle, crisp fresh air, endless beauty… and a fabulously health-conscious culture with an abundance of incredible local shops to nurture all your senses.  Click on each image below to view natural health shops that are scattered throughout the Hudson Valley, Litchfield Hills and Southern Berkshires.

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