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Dutchess & Goshen Agricultural Fairs

“Learning to Do. Doing to Learn. Earning to Live. Living to Serve.”

The County Fair is a place where farmers showcase the fruits of their tireless summer days in hopes of earning a blue ribbon. Agricultural Fairs have been a late summer promise of excitement for centuries. This weekend, the Dutchess County Fair will be held Aug 24th – 29th in Rhinebeck, NY. Labor Day weekend, The Goshen Fair in CT will continue to celebrate our agricultural roots Sept 4th – 6th. Both Fairs will have acres of varied farming experiences including livestock, farm produce, tools and machinery, dairy, showing rings, carnival rides, and a plethora of entertainment. Local farms, as well as students throughout the region, will gather for the culmination of an entire region’s pride in their agricultural endeavors. Housatonic Valley Region High School in Falls Village, CT will have its FFA Chapter immersed in both events, showing support and sharing knowledge that is only learned through experience. Join us in relishing in the industry that has long supported our region, growing, adapting, changing, learning, yet continuing to thrive; our rural roots of agriculture.