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Berkshire’s Autumnal Pearl

Native Americans referred to horse chestnuts as “buckeyes” due to their resemblance to the eye of a deer.  They would carry these nuts around in their pockets or strategically place them throughout their villages and homes with wishful intentions.  These beautifully sleek nuts are believed to bring overall good luck and financial prosperity.   In many ways, the simplistic expression of a horse chestnut resting upon the earth, partially encased by its hearty shell, symbolizes the spirit of the fall season – one of preparation and togetherness.

Brisk mornings serve as a reminder of what is to come and an innate nesting instinct surfaces throughout the region as we work to prepare our homes and reconnect with the comforting inner warmth that radiates throughout the Litchfield Hills.  Horse chestnuts, encompassed by prickly, husk-like shells, are the autumnal pearl of the Berkshire Mountains.  Hike the hillsides of the Hudson Valley region and keep an eye out for the good fortune that lies hidden in plain sight.

For more information about Winter Hiking, and hiking in general, visit This comprehensive website provides information about all area hiking in Litchfield, Dutchess, and Berkshire Counties, including the best sites for “Open Field Viewing,” (e.g. Pawling Nature Reserve)