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Vernal Magic

vernal_pool_in_connecticutApril Showers Bring May Flowers…
and officially kick off the Tri-State Region’s infamous
Mud Season!

Vernal pools are home to innumerable species that rely upon this muddy softening of the earth each spring.

Vernal pools are a distinctive type of wetland habitat that provides a unique environment for native amphibians and insects. It’s the cyclical nature of seasonal water accumulation that is followed by a drying period of evapotranspiration that defines a vernal pool from other small bodies of water. Larger predators and fish, who commonly feed upon unguarded eggs, do not reside in vernal ponds due to the temporary nature of these pools of water.  As a result, this vernal habitat allows many species of frogs, salamanders, and insects to fully mature in a protected environment – promoting the region’s vibrant ecosystem.

NE_RP_salamander_KBurdsall-copyVernal ponds, including those throughout the Berkshires, are teaming with life.  Some of the most common inhabitants include wood frogs, salamanders, fairy shrimp, fingernail clams and a plethora of egg masses.  Slip into your wellies and wade through the ephemeral ponds throughout the Tri-State region.

The Berkshire Region is full of surprises – Explore the magic!

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