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Pine Plains Memorial Hall

Pine Plains’ Memorial Hall project – a tribute to the past & guiding the future!  The charm of the Hudson Valley permeates the town and is particularly prominent along Church Street, where new talents, boutiques, and quintessential charm steadily flourish.  Pine Plains’ newest community endeavor in continuing this momentum is the restoration of their historic Memorial Hall – the town’s beautiful brick building, prominently sited in the center of town.  Built in 1915, and given to the town of Pine Plains in memory of John McIntyre and his wife Elizabeth Hauve, Memorial Hall was a gathering place – a versatile centerpiece that adapted to meet the needs of the community several times throughout its 60-years of use.   Previously a movie theatre, shopping mall, performance space, community center, and most recently a Laundromat; Memorial Hall has been repurposed several times and always reflected the talents and needs of its community.

For the past 30 years, however, this historic hall has been unoccupied, a vacant reminder of the vivacious community that had once embraced it.  Jack Banning, owner of Pine Plains Platter, recognized the importance and beauty of this building and formed a group of investors who shared his vision to restore Pine Plains’ Memorial Hall.  The entire community has embraced this effort – and the Memorial Hall project now epitomizes the strength and passion throughout the Hudson Valley.  Plans for the Hall include a Basement Laundromat, Main Floor Studio Space, and Upper-Level Office Spaces.  Groups throughout town are working together to bring Memorial Hall back to the people of Northern Dutchess, Columbia, & Ulster Counties.

Click here to watch a Video about the Pine Plain Memorial Hall project