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The Hills are Alive

“Autumn paints in colors that
summer has never seen.”

While leaves are soaking up abundant amounts of sunshine all summer long, the green chlorophyll overpowers the orange, red, and yellow tones. As cool autumn nights set in the chlorophyll compound in the leaves begins to break down more rapidly; exposing the beautiful color of Autumn!

This autumn, the Berkshire region a blaze of color in every direction!  Take advantage of the next few weeks and join the Litchfield Hills in soaking up the last bits of chlorophyll while basking in the beauty!

Click on any of the following to view some of our favorite hikes for “leaf-peeping”:
Lion’s Head in Salisbury,
Haystack Mountain in Norfolk,
Bull’s Bridge
in Kent,
The Cary Institute in Millbrook, NY,
Bartholomew’s Cobble in Sheffield, MA,
Bash Bish Falls in Mt. Washington, MA.