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Antiquing for Gifts

Drive through just about any town in Litchfield County, the Mid-Hudson Valley or the Southern Berkshires, and you are sure to encounter an Antique Store. In fact, in towns such as Millerton, NY, North Canaan, CT, and Sheffield, MA, you’ll find so many as to be able to make a day of perusing thousands of square feet of space, chock full of treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Antiquing during the Holiday Season presents the opportunity to not only shop locally but to shop in a way that is environmentally conscious and personally mindful. Purchasing an antique for someone on your gift list means that you’ve taken the time to really consider that person, and then searched through item after item, perhaps even shop after shop, to find the one perfect gift that truly embodies the essence of that person. From the Vintage clothes or jewelry lover to the teapot or album collector, all the way to Antique French Furniture aficionado, you can literally find something for everyone in these shops. And you can do so knowing that, by purchasing something already manufactured, you’re making an environmentally sound purchase.

A quick internet search will help you find the antique shops in any of the towns you search. Some of our local favorites are the Antiques Centers that combine multiple vendors under one roof, such as:

Great Barrington Antiques Center in Gt. Barrington, MA
Millbrook Antiques Mall in Millbrook, NY
Brooks Ventures Indoor Flea Market in North Canaan, CT