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 Date: {Today’s Date}       EH#(if applicable): {EH Number}  Listing Type: {Listing Type}
 SALE: {Seller’s Last Name} to {Buyer’s Last Name}  Property Type: {Property Type}
 Address: {Property Address}  Listing Price: ${Property List Price}


 SELLER INFO: {Seller’s Full Name(s)}  BUYER INFO: {Buyer’s Full Name(s)}
 {Seller’s Address}  {Buyer’s Address}
 Phone #: {Seller’s Phone Number(s)}  Phone #: {Buyer’s Phone Number(s)}
 {Seller’s email}   {Buyer’s email}
 ATTORNEY: {Seller Attorney’s Name}  ATTORNEY: {Buyer Attorney’s Name}
 LAW FIRM: {Seller Law Firm}  LAW FIRM: {Buyer Law Firm}
 {Seller Attorney’s Address}  {Buyer Attorney’s Address}
 Phone #: {Seller Attorney’s Phone Number}  Phone #: {Buyer Attorney’s Phone Number}
 Fax #: {Seller Attorney’s Fax Number}  Fax #: {Buyer Attorney’s Fax Number}
 {Seller Attorney’s Email}  {Buyer Attorney’s Email}
 LISTING AGENCY: {Listing Agency}  SELLING AGENCY: {Selling Agency}
 Agent(s): {Listing Agent(s)}  Agent(s): {Selling Agent(s)}
 Phone #: {Listing Agency Phone Number} Fax #: {Listing Agency Fax Number}  Phone #: {Selling Agency Phone Number}  Fax #: {Selling Agency Fax Number}


EHRE REB #’s: {EHRE REB Number} EHRE Agent License # {CT#}{NY#}{MA#},
 Selling Price: ${Property Selling Price}  Deposit Held by: {Deposit Funds Held by}
 Deposit: ${Deposit}  Add’l Deposits Held by: {Additional Deposit Funds Held by}
 Additional Deposit: ${Additional Deposit}  Special Sale: {Special Sale}
 Mortgage Amount: ${Mortgage Amount}  Agreement Date: {Date of Agreement}
 Due at Closing: ${Total Funds Due at Closing}  Contract Date: {Contract Signing Date}
 Mortgage Contingency Date: {Mortgage Contingency Date}  Closing Date: {Closing Date} 
 COMMISSION FOR: {Listing Agency}  REFERRAL AGREEMENTS: (if applicable)
 $ {Listing Agency Commission} (or the equivalent of {Listing Commission Percentage}%)  Referring Agency/Agent: {Referring Agency}
 COMMISSION FOR: {Selling Agency}  Phone Number: {Referring Agency Phone #}
 $ {Selling Agency Commission} (the equivalent of {Selling Commission Percentage}%)  Referral Commission: {Referring Commission Percentage}Buyers or Sellers Side: {Referring Commission on Buying or Selling Side?}