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Bridgewater, Connecticut

Promisek Garden – Promisek Garden is one of Connecticut’s eleven historic gardens. Promisek was designed by noted landscape architect Beatrix Farrand (1872–1957). Farrand designed the garden for Dr. Frederick Peterson, a noted New York neurologist who entertained family, friends and clients on his 300-acre property he named Three Rivers Farm (at the convergence of the Shepaug and Housatonic Rivers). By the time Promisek purchased the property in 1978, the walled garden had been overtaken by decades of overgrowth, but the hardscape remained. Promisek members cleared the brush to reveal flagstone pathways and stone around the garden. A local resident and garden historian researched and rediscovered Farrand’s garden plan. Today, a team of garden volunteers maintains the garden, making every effort to stick to the original plan. The beds along the stone-walled perimeter contain perennials in pink, purple, white and blue, with a few surprises like a maroon dahlia. The inside beds feature roses in pinks and reds  edged with a lacy fringe of fragrant annuals.


Burnham Library – If there is one common thread among the individuals who are part of this uncommon library history, it is the love of books and learning. The Burnham Library today is a far cry from its origins in the town hall. It has added computers and Internet service, DVDs and CDs. Still, it remains true to its original mission, which is to foster the educational, personal, and cultural interests of the

Bridgewater-Library community. The library also serves as the resource center for the students of the Burnham School and as a meeting place for various Town organizations. It stands today as a vital, integral part of the Bridgewater community. As such, it would  certainly win Captain Burnham’s approval, and perhaps Mr.  Piggott’s, too.

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